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Adlai E. Stevenson, American statesman (1900-1965).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to dust off the cobwebs...

Its been over a year since I have posted to my blog. The denouement of the 2008 Election and other personal matters drew my time and attention away from political issues during 2009. Until this morning. The announcement of Governor Patterson's plan to close the medium-security State Correctional Facility in Ogdensburg hit home.

I realize that our state finances are in a state of disrepair. I realize that the Governor faces some tough choices, and therefore, must make some tough decisions.

But how much more does he think this already-depressed area can take?

With the closing of the GM plant, reductions at ALCOA, and little Small Town businesses that are having to lay-off, scale back, or shut down altogether, can we absorb another huge loss such as this? The cut to school aid has already affected at least one local district who laid-off a handful of personnel yesterday.

“This is not a budget of choice; this is a budget of necessity,” Mr. Paterson said (nytimes). Well, necessity = shit on my menu, and that's what we're being served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I imagine those in Albany thinking: If there are cuts to be made, let's sock it to those poor bastards in the top half of the state. We give them shit pies all the time and they let us get away with it, so they must like the shit we give them...let's give them some more!

I think the adage "shit flows downhill" needs to be changed to "shit flows Upstate."

In order to change this, we must act. Grassroots, people. Buses to Albany. Ten letters a day to our representatives. Phone calls. Emails. Interviews. Our North Country Voice needs to be HEARD.

As I am a huge believer in knowing what you are talking about, I recommend clicking the link below and reading the Official NYS Budget before you take steps to contact your representatives in Albany. (which I, admittedly, have not yet done, but will.)

I expect to see Small Town America's old friend Assemblywoman Addie Russell at the forefront of this fight. Now's your chance, woman. Take it and run with it.

Official NYS Budget site: http://www.budget.state.ny.us/

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