"I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst

of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime."
Adlai E. Stevenson, American statesman (1900-1965).

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Invitation to NNY Bloggers...

You will notice a Red Kettle to benefit the Salvation Army at the top of my page.

I ask you, Danger Democrat, Political IV, Abaycircus, Foil Hats Unite, Lefty Limericks, and all others to join me in this most worthy cause this holiday season.

Please, email me at smalltownamerica@earthlink.net for the html code for the top of your blogs and join my Red Kettle Team.

This is a true opportunity for us to push partisanship to the side and join together for a cause much greater than ourselves.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Thank you,
Small Town America


  1. Spread the wealth around.

  2. Comments from anonymous said's like this one or worse are exactly why I limit comments to google users only. Get a google account, it is fast, easy and free......

  3. I expect that "anon" meant that during this time of year, the holiday season, we should be more charitable and giving. Speaking for my family, we have always tried to donate whether it is to the Salvation Army, various neighborhood centers, Lion's Club, etc. It is behavior that we have encouraged in our children. We are blessed that they all have willingly performed community service and been charitable to those around them.

    It is imperative that this upcoming generation is encouraged to act in a similar manner. For too long, the idea of doing just enough to get by is acceptable.


  4. Buck,

    That's what I thought they meant (wink).


    I know the idea behind the whole limiting access thing, and I respect the fact that others may choose to employ it, but I don't agree with it. I want to hear everyone's thoughts. If they are exceptionally insulting, I may choose to delete them (ie racial or gender insulting)--otherwise, they are welcome. I may not always agree with them, but I am a big free-speech person, so comment away, as long as you do it in a (mostly) respectful manner.

    Well, that was rambling in its finest form--lol

    =) STA


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They must have read my mind...

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